Tuesday, 3 January 2012


  Well, once again Christmas has come and gone. I hope you have all had a truly festive time, and have eaten, drank, and made merry!....I know I have.

  The aftermath of Christmas always makes me feel a little bit sad to tell you the truth. Festive things thrown in a half price bargin bin, the taking down of the tree, the pinch of overspending, and the slight tightness in your favourite skirt... Not good.

 .Anyway I am hopefully adding a little sparkle into January with my new creations - The Busby Berkeley dolls.

  Busby Berkeley was famous for his elaborate and grand musical numbers, and I have to say they have hypnotised me since I was a child. These amazing grand routines - choreographed in geometric patterns and overhead shots are perfect research in creating my little 30's chorus girls. I've so enjoyed watching endless clips from the most famous of his films. Not only are the numbers visually stunning and the epitome of glamour, but also very quirky and quite surreal.

   I would have loved to have been a showgirl in the golden Era of Hollywood. Oh where are all those costumes now?!

  These little ladies are all sparkles and ready for their audition with Buzz Berkeley!

  Stay posted for more Buzz Berkeley inspired dolls and illustrations. I'm planning on a little troupe (poss about 5 -6) and will definitely be giving them all names, in homage to the real girls themselves.

  I have some great old movie books - with some dating back to the 30's itself. A whole chapter in one of my books is dedicated to memories and tales from the Buzz showgirls themselves!....The hours they had to put in you wouldn't believe!

 I am homing all my needles, pins and fabric for this current project/obsession in a Cath Kidson gypsy caravan sewing basket - a wonderful Christmas pressie.

Love this snap of Busby and the chorus girls