Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Peggy The Wire Walker

  Having a busy, busy week! Making lots of brooches and over-brimming with ideas!

  First up is Beautiful Peggy - The Worlds Greatest Ever Wire Walker! Not only does Peggy display elegance and grace on the high wire but incredible speed!

  Going to give Peggy some gold or blue tippy toes and securely fix her headdress. The sun was shining today and I so wanted to get that summer feel into my photos, so my little boy and I up-sticks and spent the day in the garden!  Hope you like her.


  1. Es encantadora!!! su foto en la "cuerda floja"... ja ja me encanta... se ve real real!!

  2. Oh she is wonderful, I want a big girl version of her head dress. :) xxx