Sunday, 25 November 2012

Moths, Bugs and Winged Beauties

  There's something instantly enchanting about costume..... especially if they're moths, bugs or winged beauties!
Little Golden Moth. Her costume is made from vintage brocade and her wings from gold pipe cleaners and vintage lace. I'm afraid this doll is now SOLD

Flicker, flicker like a moth closer to the flame...
There I saw something flicker from the corner of my eye....a tiny golden moth girl..she ran from one room to another...

Been working on a series of illustrations to sell as A5 prints

                                                                       The Moth

Isled in the midnight air,
Musked with the dark’s faint bloom,
Out into glooming and secret haunts
The flame cries,
Lovely in dye and fan,
A-tremble in shimmering grace,
A moth from her winter swoon
Uplifts her face:
Stares from her glamorous eyes;
Wafts her on plumes like mist;
In ecstasy swirls and sways
To her strange tryst.
Walter de la Mare

1920's moth/butterfly costume, The Flapper by Frank X. Leyendecker 1922, Ballets Russes

Working progress... little ladybug..

Katherine Hepburn in a moth costume in Christopher Strong 1933

Top Right 'Moth and the Flame' a Silly Symphonies cartoon 1938, Wings by photographer Joaquín Blez, illustration by Margaret Clark 1920's, Katherine Hepburn in Christopher Strong 1933, vintage illustration entitled 'Chanson Papillon' (Butterfly Song) and an old cigarette card from a series called Butterflies and Bugs.

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