Sunday, 30 December 2012

The Vaudeville Players

  I hope everyone had a truly indulgent and glamorous Christmas? I'm quite exhausted to be honest.. We spent most of Christmas week travelling around visiting family - absolutely amazing of course! Lots of gift giving, children yelping, food and boozy laughter.
    Just before I took a break for the festivities I had several things on the go including a third Flying Down to Rio doll (hoping this one will have winged pants) three larger dolls, various sketches waiting for a lick of paint and a paper mache idea which is now in full swing!
  I decided to make some larger dolls a while back and began sketching showgirls in all manor of theatricality - circus performers, glamorous dancers and blushing damsels. As a result I have decided to call this little troupe The Vaudeville Players. My guess is that each little showgirl can juggle, dance, sing and do magic tricks, probably all whilst playing the accordion! They've all worked in the circus, had a fling in a German cabaret, flounced their feathers, swished their capes, and danced by the light of the moon....
Making little tags to add to the dolls



I have created this costume by individually stitching diamond shapes onto the fabric. I wanted it to look a bit tatty almost like the travelling player had made her own costume. Her paper mache fox mask is also coming together.
I'm so charmed by this harlequin pattern. Frank X Leyendecker painting, Claudette Colbert Tonight is Ours 1933 and Alison Goldfrapp.
Pin Curls!

Adore Lilian Harvey. Dolly Haas on the accordion - Isn't 'Dolly' such a cute and lovely name to have!

Can't resist a beauty spot.

Think I'll add a sequin or two.
Each creation is a bit larger than my usual doll., from her slim pins to the size of her head and body. One will have a mask, one an accordion and the other juggling balls!

Dolly Haas, La Jolie Jackie (love the beauty spot) 1930's, Claudette Colbert in 'Tonight Is Ours' 1933

Follies Girl Lora Foster 1927. Crazy for this costume!
  I hope to finish these dolls in the next few weeks and will list them all at the same time along with my three 'Flying down to Rio' inspired dolls.
  Happy New Year! 

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  1. They are going to be amazing! Can't wait to see them 'fully formed'! x