Sunday, 13 January 2013

Finished! The Vandeville Players!

  And so my Vaudeville Players are complete. I spent the evening adding the finishing touches to the dolls, giving them names and creating little stories for them...Hope you like them. They are now listed in my Etsy Shop

  If anyone has any questions regards these dolls and my work, please, please contact me before purchasing. These dolls are my biggest project to date and are priced to reflect the time, detail and uniqueness I have put into each piece.
Gracie, Nanette and Polly
Polly.. With her golden pin curls and heart shaped lips had dreams of becoming a great aerialist but sadly she's afraid of heights! Instead she learnt the accordion and trumpet. She's an accomplished singer and songwriter. She's also quite the comedienne and successful female clown.
Nanette....Always the talk of the town with her halo of marigold curls and rose bud lips. She is quite the blushing damsel and has many an admirer. Nanette was already an accomplished dancer when she joined the Vaudeville Players but she now incorporates juggling into her act. She dreams of the Broadway stage and performing in the Ziegfeld Follies. In her spare time she enjoys writing jingles..
Gracie...She who wows everyone with her wisecracking style and comedic songs. She is an expert tap dancer and impressive singing impersonator. In her spare time she makes beautiful masks which she adds to The Vaudeville Players incredible costume box!

Each doll comes with a little printed tag with a handwritten description of her character inside


  1. I couldn´t tell you which one is my favorite because they all are so very adorable!

  2. ooh ooh ooh.......just found you through etsy as i have been spying your fabulous dollies! a blonde ex-singer/actress it has to be polly as my excited to be your new follower...also love childhood nostalgia, dollies, foxes, monkeys.......squirrels!x

    1. Dear Vanilla Squirrel, Thankyou for your lovely comments. Welcome! I have just been having a nose at your blog too - wonderful! you can consider me a fan. I too am an ex - actor (but I don't like to say I've given up completely)..Sarah x