Saturday, 19 January 2013

Jean Harlow Part 2

  Here's another little dose of Jean Harlow gorgeousness! Plus more working progress snaps of the 'Jean' team.
These two creations are a little smaller in size and sport some pastel shades running through their
locks. The main inspiration for this is all the beautiful tinted photographs and old magazine covers featuring Jean in colour! I love the way, in some, her hair glows almost blue, yellow or pink and her face is luminous with beauty, youth and life.
For the blue haired Missy I've concentrated on her off duty style but for the other I'm going for glamour in a deep green or black velvet 30's style dress and little black hat reminiscent of one I own myself
mini Jean in the snow
I think Jean looks incredibly striking in black
Beautiful Jean and tinted magazine covers from the 1930's
  I did plan to move onto Louise Brooks next week (been doing sketches and picking out bits of her image that create her style) but I'm going to stay with Jean for another week and create a few more. Can't wait! Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.


  1. oh mini jean in the snow is just fabulous!x

  2. Yeah I need her outfit this is so beautiful! x

  3. Like I are my doll hero! ;) xo

  4. Thankyou for your lovely comments. So glad she's a hit! Sarah x