Monday, 21 January 2013

Little More Jean....

  Well it seems my cotton top Harlow dolls are quite a hit! Thankyou so much. I really appreciate all your lovely comments, emails and reserve requests. To be honest I'm finding it a little hard to keep up. I'm really enjoying making these beauties as Jean is one of my favourite icons. I'm so happy you feel I'm doing her justice. There are currently 4 unfinished Jeans - but there could be more in the pipe line. I have decided to announce a listing time via blog, facebook and twitter so everyone who wants one has a fair chance.
  I've been a little less productive on the stitching in the last few days in favour of sketching and fabric sorting. I'm planning on selling a lot more of my illustrations during 2013 (alongside my dolls and brooches) so I'm currently researching new printers, so I can produce good quality prints at home to list in my shop.

  For now here's our 'baby' applying her makeup. This illustration is inspired by all those old beauty ads and photos of Hollywood starlets applying their beauty products...
So loved creating this little 'Jean' beauty sketch. Will play about with it a bit in photoshop to see if I can centre it a bit better...but part of me quite likes it ever so slightly uneven. Will list in my shop as a print once I have my sparkling new printer.
Combing that amazing platinum hair
From top left Mae West, Maureen O'Sullivan, Bette Davis and Norma Shearer

Possible little tag for my Jean dolls
Beautiful Jean

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