Monday, 18 February 2013

Vintage Ski Wear and a Snowy Holiday...

  Having spent our half term surrounded by the famous ski slopes of the Scottish Cairngorms I couldn't help but be inspired by all things 'vintage ski' so began sketching and thinking about ski wear from the 30's to the 60's.
Little sketches done on holiday in Scotland, sat at a large wooden table drinking hot chocolate.


 Sonja Henie, working progress doll face corsage, Ann Sheridan, more sketching
Ski Slope Beauties: Sonja Henie, Myrna Loy and Toby Wing
   I took very limited materials with me to our Aviemore cottage but began thinking about heavy woollen Nordic knits, pom poms, ski pants and rosy cheeks!
Doll Face Corsage Design
  I made a start on these ski inspired doll face corsages whilst away and finished their little Scandinavian style ski hats this morning. I am planning a full sized doll - complete with skis and suitable vintage style attire - so watch this space.

More working progress - adding those all important pom poms!
Little blue pom pom!
Audrey Hepburn, Sonja Henie and a 20's Ski flapper
  My gorgeous and outdoorsy type husband made sure I had all the right practical weather wear before I even stepped foot on the plane! I was kitted out in a North Face coat (my worst nightmare) and a pair of winter walking boots. I did top it off with a 60's hat and a pair of vintage sunglasses though - so all was not lost.
Up in the Cairngorm moutain ski resort minus 7 degrees!
  Going up the funicular railway into the mountains was breathtaking! At minus 7 and minus 15 in the wind chill I was glad of my padded coat and fur lined boots. It felt a bit like being in a 60's James Bond movie looking out at the skiers weaving up and down the mountains. A dream!
1950's Nordic knit and Veronica Lake 1940's
  We had a glorious week of walking, bird spotting (I'm not a bird watcher but my husband is a bit of an expert and seeing two golden eagles was quite something) sketching, sledging, hot chocolate and feeding reindeer. During the evenings we ate, drank red wine, read and watched the first series of the fantastic Danish drama The Killing (hooked? totally hooked!)
Beautiful Rita Hayworth


  1. Those be-hatted doll face corsages are an absolute delight! You will pop up a reminder when they go on sale won't you?
    (You look v.glam - NorthFace coat an' all!)

    1. Hello there! Yes indeed I will give out a reminder when I pop them in my shop. Making a few more as we speak. x

  2. Oh they are adorable, so glad you had a lovely break sounds idyllic, you look very Audrey Hepburn a la Charade! xx