Friday, 15 March 2013

Circus Showgirls

......Cheerful, theatrical and altogether making me feel like I want to skip through sawdust in a pair of pink tights! Yes ladies and gents the circus is well and truly back in town!......
vintage mohair platinum locks, cape made from sequins, felt and vintage trim. Leotard made with vintage chiffon, sequins and tiny beads. Trousers have painted red acrylic stars which have been varnished and stitched around with white cotton. She also carrys a paper mache drum which has been painted and varnished.
  Inspiring and magical old circus photos....

Gold flapper wig and green velvet cloak. Think I'm going to give her a large impressive headdress too.

rose coloured vintage fabric costume
I've been doing a fair bit of circus sketching too. Hope to show you a few more soon. This is gouache on pastel paper. I love mixing things up a bit.
  I will finish my first two circus showgirls (and hopefully a third) over the weekend and take more photos.
  I've also almost finished this little Spring fairy - showing off her green petal Easter bonnet. Will be listing in my shop along with Alpine Peggy and other work as soon as I can.
Made with vintage haberdashery, craft wire, little pearl beads, vintage embroidery and a vintage sheer scarf.