Friday, 1 March 2013

Ski Slope Miss - working progress

  Before everything becomes positively Spring like this month, let me introduce you to this Ski Slope Missy - inspired by my snowy, Scottish holiday several weeks if making 4 Ski inspired dolly face corsages wasn't enough..........

  When I started work on this doll I had in mind a slightly different body shape. I've been playing around with several new body shapes for a while and as a result this little lady has straighter arms, a bit of structure in her shoulders, shes taller, head is slightly smaller and she has a waist! I was inspired by my little collection of antique wooden dutch dolls (which are dotted around my shelves - love them) I also took some inspiration from the old boudoir dolls of the late 20's and early 30's.
  I will be working a little more on this creation, as I want to give her some Skis and some white boots with tiny black buttons down the side.

Centre: Maureen O'Sullivan

  I've given her cupid bow lips and added snowdrops to her lashes. She has a felt jacket, hat and mittens - onto which I have stitched a Nordic pattern. Her baggy skipants, top and scarf are made with vintage fabrics.
.....Her hair is proper old vintage mohair  - probably the very same used on old boudoir dolls and wigs. Its quite rough to the touch but works perfectly.
 Bette Davis


Norma Shearer sporting skiwear in the mountains of Switzerland

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