Monday, 25 March 2013

Spring fairies....

  I hope you believe in fairies........
  I admit it has taken me sometime to get around to listing these two dainty little sprites! But you will now find them listed in my Etsy Shop

  These cheerful little souls look so decorative and striking hung from the wall, above the fireplace, or attached to a mirror or frame. I hope they evoke nostalgia and make you think of old fairytales.
I thought about this beautiful old children's book The Thirteenth Orphan whilst making these whimsy fairies. The book is by Christine Chaundler and illustrated so whimsically by Honor C Appleton - whose work appears in many an old children's book. A little research tells me its one of Christine Chaundlers lesser known tales and therefore a rarer find. I'm very lucky to have it.
  This little book of mine is an absolute treasure! At the front of this beautiful book - which I have had for many years - is a charming little poem called 'Seeing Fairies' its a fairly long poem but the first verse is just enough to keep your faith in fairyland.
   There's a little magic pathway you may follow
        every day,
   Sometimes through the woods and coppices it winds
        its sunlit way,
   By river-brinks where willows droop, through
        meadows wet with dew,
  Until across the distant hills it's lost in misty blue -
         A path that leads to Fairyland
            Where elfin people play,
        And little laughing fairies flit
             Before you on the way.


  1. Oh they are simply darling! The book looks wonderful too xxx

  2. I blinked and they were gone!
    They are absolutely marvellous Sarah, as ever. Only wish I'd been quicker off the mark. The pixies send their love!