Wednesday, 17 April 2013

More Jean Harlow Dolls......

   After the success of my Jean Harlow collection a few months ago I was obviously delighted with a custom request for yet another Jean. Sadly (and this is how long my waiting list has been) I've only just gotten around to working on her. Obviously Jean Harlow is one of my absolute favourites so its an utter joy! Working on this 1930's starlet prompted me once again to make a few more for my shop. Jean was a rather popular listing before so I rather hope that those few who were upset they didn't get a Jean first time around are lucky enough to snap up one of the latest two - to be listed in a few weeks.

  Now I know that Jean wasn't particularly fond of fussiness and she may well have turned her nose up at this dress, but with such a beautiful little piece of fabric from the 1930s I just had to give Jean a Spring frock. I have also given her a felt purse and her signature off duty ribbon around her halo of white curls.

The cutest picture of Jean I have ever seen!

Jean in a floaty floral dress as Vantine in Red Dust 1932

This doll is wearing a spring dress made from vintage 1930's fabric, she has a ruffled collar and carries a little purse made from felt. I have also stitched her name onto her purse and matched the little flowers with the colours in her dress. I have used a vintage bead as the clasp.

Spring dress design

  The second doll for the Etsy listing is Jean modelling some very glamorous loungewear. The pants are made from a silky satin pale blue fabric and the top half of the outfit is made from a pretty vintage collar with blue embroidery. She also carries a blue powder puff made from a simple pom pom and little ribbon.

  I've photographed them as a  trio as they look the epitome of 30's glamour together. But the centre doll is a custom so won't be up for sale in my shop. There are still little bits and pieces to be stitched and added on all three them but I wanted to show you my working progress. Hope you like.

The centre custom is also going to have a powder puff, a jewel in her hair and white feathers on the cuffs on her sleeves.

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