Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Rita, Betty and Lucille

  I trust everyone has had a happy and chocolate fuelled Easter? I know that we have - Infact there is so much chocolate in our house its going to be down to my husband and I to eat it all. Believe it or not but my little boy isn't a fan of chocolate!? Give him a bag of sweets though and he's well away.
  I'm really happy with the new shape I have given my dolls and will be working with this new template for a while. The new dolls are also a bit taller and have little nipped in waists. Its quite interesting to look back on your work and see how its progressed and evolved. I'm really happy with the direction in which my little ladies have gone but will always hold a special place in my heart for some of my very early designs.

Woodland Masquerade Dec 2011, Busby Berkeley Girls Jan 2012, Circus Showgirls Feb 2012

  Now I have to say the 1930's is my favourite era for clothes and cute hairstyles, but I'm also pretty smitten with the tailoring and classy lines of the 1940's....
  I recently worked on a custom order for a Rita Hayworth inspired doll. It struck me how perfect this new shape works for 40's starlets. I've since been looking at 40's hair styles and thinking about my favourite Hollywood stars of that time. Rita Hayworth is probably my favourite followed by Veronica Lake, Gene Tierney, Paulette Goddard, Hedy Lamarr, Esther Williams....I could go on. Then of course there was Betty Grable. Now I prefer dear Betty Grable in her lesser known chorus girl 1930's roles (My favourite in The Gay Divorcee 1934 singing 'Lets K-nock K-nees') but I guess it was the 1940's that were really her heyday in terms of popularity and stardom.
Rita custom order. I went for 'The Loves of Carmen' look

  Betty Grable.......


  So Betty stole my heart in terms of inspiration for this next creation. This is working progress. I've not made up my mind yet but I quite fancy giving her a handbag and a few bangles.
Very pale pink hair,  40's haberdashery as a hair piece, 1940's fabric dress.

  I will bring you loads more pictures of Betty once she is complete.
  I'm still working away on the circus illustrations for my shop and have a few more ready for a lick of paint, I'll be working on those next week when my little one goes back to school. I also have a few interesting commissions to be getting on with which is exciting. Plans for more circus dolls are on the cards too - I have a sketch book full of designs. The 'look' for most of my circus showgirls tend to nod towards the look of the 1930's but since I'm currently in 40's mode I may make a few trapeze artists and bareback riders sporting victory rolls, pompadours, fringes and hair snoods! What do you think?
...Oh and I quite fancy giving the fabulous Lucille Ball a bit of the old Pip treatment!

I love the way Lucille Ball started to get her signature look in the 1940's - Copper red hair, exaggerated drawn on eyebrows and bright coral/orange lipsticks

  Enjoy the rest of your week whatever you are up to and I will bring you more circus illustrations, and 40's starlets soon.  x



  1. Oh my gosh! So in love with the Rita and Betty dolls! <3 <3

  2. These are actually insanely amazing, I adore Betty, I need her dress! xx