Friday, 17 May 2013

Little Portraits.......

  In my efforts to do more illustrating and painting I have turned to my beloved Busby Berkeley for inspiration. I wanted to do something a bit different and experiment with creating little portraits in a different medium. Most of the portraits I've done in the past have been small and in water colour or gouache, so using acrylics has been quite an experiment for me. I've created several portraits this week but these are the two I'm really happy with.
 As you know, I'm fascinated by the chorus girls in Busby Berkeley's magic and glamorous choreography...What was their story? Who were they? Were their lives happy? I'm always interested in the minor performers - the person in the background of an old faded photograph, or the platinum blonde with a one liner in a 30's musical.  Lets give these ladies some recognition!
  Not sure where I'm going with this weeks little side line but at the moment there's no stopping me. Maybe a postcard set? I'd love to know your thoughts.
'Thoughts of a Secret Love Affair' Acrylic on canvas textured paper

'Mildred' Acrylic on canvas textured paper

 I love this noir bobbed chorine - a la Louise Brooks. She pops up as a dancer in lots of early 30's Warner Brothers films and was a huge inspiration for the above painting. A little research tells me her name was Mildred Dixon (1910 - 1985)
All hail Mildred Dixon!

42nd street 1933 The middle three are Ginger Rogers, Ruby Keeler and Una Merkel but I can just see Mildred Dixon (ankle socks and black ribboned tap shoes) second row on the left.

I so love these outfits.
  Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and I hope to bring you more sparkling posts next week. x

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