Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sunshine Dolls Inspired by Vintage Beachwear....

  Hello! I hope everyone is enjoying their Bank Holiday (if of course you are in the UK) and soaking up the little bits of sunshine that keep peering behind the rather threatening dark clouds.
  Now I'm sure you don't need to guess but yes I am pretty much smitten with all eras of poolside fashions - from 30's beach pyjamas to 50's floral swim hats, oh and not forgetting vintage coolie hats, 40's wedge sandals and raffia bags. So with all theses lovely vintage items floating around in my head here are a few of the dolls I'm working on at the moment.....
Working progress 50's bathing suits and 40's style coolie hats, turbans and felt flowers. Their outfits have been made with lovely 50's cotton fabric.

Felt flowers decorate their hats made from heavy card, paper mache, acrylics and varnish

Spot of sunshine on the work table this morning..
  Poolside glamour.....


Sunny Audrey Hepburn 1950's

Joan Blondell in her Beach pyjamas and Bette Davis in her knitted bathing suit 1930's

1940's bathing belles

  They're a little further on than the last time I showed you a snippet.... I've also made some corsages to go with this collection and there will be two short haired dolls in beach pyjamas. I don't have any photos of those dolls to show you yet as I've only just started sewing and the sketches are pretty rough.
  Will bring you more photos soon x


  1. Hi Sarah, I absolutely love your dolls and look forward to each of your posts. Have your brooches from your previous post sold? They are absolutely gorgeous! :-)

    1. Hi Eilidh, Thankyou so much. Lovely to hear. I'm sorry but yes the flapper corsages have sold. I have a few more on the go though so keep your eyes peeled for news of listings. I generally announce on facebbook and twitter for new listings or you can get updates from my etsy shop. Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

  2. Oh my gosh Sarah these are stunning! I need to set some pennies aside! xxx