Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Great Gatsby....

 I've been quite excited about showing you my Daisy Buchanan, roaring 20's, flapper inspired  corsages - but wanted to wait until I'd seen The Great Gatsby before showcasing...
  I have to say I disagree with some of the negative responses to this rather brave and bold movie. I was hoping to see it last night with some friends but it was sold out! The film has been out over a week and we're talking about the Showcase Cinema De Lux here - seats galore!? All this only added to my absolute desperation to see the film. This morning I dropped my little boy in school,  took my lonesome self to the flicks, and came out of the cinema surprisingly satisfied.

  Like this film or not the response was always going to be huge. Its certainly a brave choice taking on a novel deemed one of the greatest works in American literature. I read it for the first time last Summer, loved it, but its not my favourite...Perhaps that's why I could accept and enjoy Baz Luhrmann's glitzy - almost comic strip - heart-breaking interpretation.

  I think the lead performances were all spot on. Leonardo DiCaprio will forever be a hard act to follow in my mind as the mysterious Jay Gatsby and Carey Mulligans 'beautiful fool' Daisy was played with just the right amount of carelessness.  I particularly loved Isla fisher as Myrtle Wilson and Joel Edgerton played the arrogant and vile Tom Bachanan to perfection.

  I say don't be put off by the mediocre reviews. Go see it for yourself. It's a good film.
  Anyway - after all that - here are my recent doll face corsages inspired by all things Gatsby! 
Yellow chiffon and rhinestones, white feathers and pale blue merino wool hair

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  1. Your corsages are beautiful ... I saw Gatsby on Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed it. Sarah x