Thursday, 13 June 2013

Circus Prints in Shop!

Whimsical Circus Prints on sale 
  I have just listed a small amount of circus illustrations in my Shop. I produced these whimsy paintings back in March/April... I was hoping to create a whole bunch more but time ran away with me and I had to move on to other things. I still have lots of rough sketches though so when the mood takes me I will be putting paint to paper and creating a few more circus scenarios. Again there are limited prints in the shop today but I am aiming to produce more. Which is your favourite?
  I'm now working on a set of postcards with a working title of Cunning Disguises..........Not sure how many there are going to be yet but so far I have 4 designs completed. I have sketched all manor of costume clad portraits from sheep to bubble bees! Not all will make to final set though. Hope you like them. These are photos of my work not the final scans.

  Happy Thursday! x