Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Esther Williams Inspired Part 2...

  I've been doing lots of bits and finishing off lots of pieces since I last posted....
  Today I set myself up to work in the garden.... I'm all about 'Esther Williams loveliness' at the moment and the warmth of the sunshine literally plunges me into a technicolor whirl pool of sycronized swimming, swim caps and fab 50's swim suits.... I'm in my element.
Hollywood Mermaid Esther Williams August 8, 1921 – June 6, 2013

Here's a collection of my Esther Williams magazine memorabilia which I've collected from various flea markets.

My two favourites

  I also tend to come over all mermaid whenever the sun comes out here's a few of my latest sketches and illustrations, oh and some snaps of my latest dolls...working progress of course and still sticking with the 'vintage swim' theme.

..sketches done in the garden today. They've not scanned too well as they are just light pencil sketches so I've turned up the contrast a little so you can see.

Esther with her children. I scanned this beautiful pic from my Esther autobiography - to be honest its the only photo I've ever seen of her in a flowered cap!

  1950's bathing suit from Etsy which arrived last week - it fits a dream! I can't wait to wear it later in the year when I go on holiday...... Until then I shall continue sashaying around the house in it with added tights and cardigan....

Embracing my inner Esther!

  Esther meets a mermaid.......

I Got Your Message  Gouache on pastel paper

 I raided my little boys craft supplies for some glitter glue - comes in very handy when painting tips of blue leaves and little circular flowers! The blue cap also has small 60's beads sewn here and there - higgledy piggledy  - and the fabrics for their costumes is late 50's early 60's heavy cotton.

  You can't quite see in these photos but I have incorporated a slight bit of shape into the dolls arms and legs and given them a cartoon twinkle in their eye. These dolls have not only been inspired by Esther Williams and her strong, athletic shape but the constant desire to evolve and perfect my dolly.

  One of my old Esther Williams inspired pieces from June last year....

SOLD a long time ago I'm afraid

2012 design

I love this picture. I've never been able to add this 1951 LIFE magazine to my Esther collection despite my efforts - beautiful. I shall keep searching.

  Hope everyone is having a tip top Wednesday! x


  1. Fabulous read as always.. I love, love, love your bathing costume. You're very brave to show us a piccie... wish I still had the figure :-)

    1. So kind - thankyou! Really great to hear you enjoy reading my blog. Yes I love the bathing suit, it's just too lovely not to share, especially with my current theme. Have a great week and thanks again. Sarah

  2. Oh gosh this is all so beautiful, I do hope you will be adding some of these to your shop! I need to put some pennies aside to get some of your dreamy pieces. I adore the sketches! Have a lovely week xxx

    1. Thankyou Hannah, Yes indeed they will be listed in my shop eventually. If ever you want to put a 'reserve' on anything just let me know. Have a lovely week yourself x

  3. Wow your sketches are lovely. The dolls are beautiful so original. I really love your swim suit WANT! :)

    1. Thankyou so much, always good to get positive feedback. was very lucky with the swimsuit - super bargain too! Take care and drop by my blog anytime. Sarah