Sunday, 9 June 2013

Esther Williams

  Been sketching a fair bit this weekend so I just wanted to show you my little illustration inspired by the strong, beautiful and oh so glamorous Esther Williams who died last week on June 6th.

  As a young girl in the 1980's my weekly dose of an MGM Technicolor movie brought the fabulous Ms Williams to my attention.....She will forever inspire me and my work and I'll never tire of her glittering, aquatic movie musicals. Goodbye to another legend x

Pure Joy! Esther Williams swims with Tom and Jerry in Dangerous When Wet 1953

Esther Williams August 8 1921- June 6 2013


  1. Oh no I must have missed the sad news, I used to love her films. Like you I watched them on winter's afternoons snuggled up with my Mom in the 80's. The picture is wonderful I do hope you'll be making postcards of it ... Sarah x

  2. Hi Sarah, I will be popping this illustration over in my shop as a print in due course. Esther was amazing wasn't she. I recommend reading her autobiography - such an eye opener x

    1. Thanks Sarah I'll look out for it at the library, I'm an old fashioned library going girl. Will await Esther's arrival in the shop x

  3. Hi Sarah - What a lovely tribute to Esther Williams your sketch is. I also have fond memories watching her films. I ordered a set of your postcards at the weekend, looking forward to them arriving! I've nominated you for a Leibster Blog Award. I hope that's ok. Eilidh :-)

  4. Eilidh, Thankyou so much. Yes I remember packaging your cards, posted yesterday. Thankyou for the Blog Award nomination - appreciated x