Friday, 28 June 2013

Handsome Fishermen and the Smell of the Sea.....

  As I mentioned in my previous post...In the last week or two I've started to sketch and illustrate all manor of Seaside adventures. My aim is to put together a neat little collection of summery prints - with an apt and fishy title for my shop.
  I wrote a list of keywords before I got started: Seagulls and sandcastles, pretty pastel beach huts, oversized seashells, boats, Punch and Judy, ice-cream, sailors and sirens, mermaids and fishermen (in polo necks..possibly a mustard colour).......
  Drawing handsome men with rugged faces and a Clark Gable charm is ever so slightly out of my comfort zone......(not that I don't like handsome men with rugged faces and a Clark Gable charm...nothing could be further from the truth!) but its good to give yourself a challenge and I'm now ever so slightly in love with my curly haired, sophisticated, swoony fisherman......I want him to look me in the eye and sing me a shanty!
 Think I'll call him Clark....
 These are just photos of my work at the moment not scans..
I need to shape up his Lifebuoy a little bit but I'm ever so pleased with him.

A very inspiring image - what a beautiful man

Clark Gable...Ahoy there!
  I have plenty more illustrations to work on in the coming weeks so will keep you updated as I go.

  Here is another Summery picture for the collection. I've only just finished this one and wasn't going to include it in todays post but changed my mind at the last minute. I will weave a little story through each of the illustrations as they come thicker and faster - so stay tuned!
  Again this needs to be tidied up a little bit but hope you like it.

  I hope you have a joyous weekend whatever you are up to. Its my sixth wedding anniversary tomorrow so I'm being whisked away to a fancy hotel and treated to an even fancier dinner - so excited!
 Toodle Pip xx


  1. Such gorgeous work as always Sarah. I'm loving the seaside theme am off to get my Esther Williams framed this weekend. Can't wait to see the beach huts I do have a yearning for a pastel coloured retreat by the sea ~ Sarah x

    1. Yes those pastel beach huts are so very pretty. I'd love one too - I'd use it as a little studio. x

  2. I love your drawings but i love your fisherman most of all!! He's gorgeous. (I also quite like the Clark Gable photo) x

    1. Thankyou. Yes Clark Gable is so very dashing! x