Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Swim Capes, Cunning Disguises and a Sea Fairy...

  Oh to have been a costume designer working on an Esther Williams picture.... There would been no end to my Technicolor pinks and yellows, fashionable watery themed swim suits, caps and capes (budget overlooked of course)

    I watched Bathing Beauty 1944 the other day which is Esther Williams first movie. Little did Ms Williams know that when she emerged like a goddess between two seahorses it was the start of a very glitzy career! At the beginning of the film she does wear the most beautiful swimsuit cape/cover up which got me thinking about giving my latest creations some sparkling glamorous capes......

  I could only find a black and white photo of the cape but isn't it amazing!

Dreams in sequins

Cape working progress. Think the second shapely movie mermaid is going to have a blue cape.

 I was very interested to hear that out of all her 22 movies 'Million Dollar Mermaid' 1952 was her favourite because she got to play a real person, professional swimmer, vaudeville and film star - Annette Kellerman. She also got to work with Busby Berkeley!


  On to other little bits of news.....

  I'm so delighted my circus prints and Busby Berkeley postcards have been a success over in the shop - thankyou, thankyou!! I will be finishing the 'Cunning Disguises' postcard set this week so will let you know when they go to print. I've also made a start on some seaside sketches (sticking with the watery theme) full of sailors, sirens, creatures of the deep, fishermen (in polo necks) and merry mermaids. I will bring you more on that in the weeks to come.

  So here are some images from my current workings....

Little Fox part of the 'Cunning Disguises' series

Sea Fairy made with vintage fabrics and complete with a shell turban

Sound of the Sea

  Hope everyone is having a tremendous Tuesday. Lovely and sunny here. x

  P.S I secretly want to wear all the costumes I give my dolls!


  1. Aw jeez, these are so lovely. I love all the cute little details on their outfits. What I like most about them though is that they really do evoke vintage cinema, these could be little dollies from the past so easily! b.x

    1. Thankyou so much for your lovely comments. I'm so pleased you get the impression my creations could actually be from the past - that's exactly the feeling I'm trying to capture. Kindest Regards x

  2. Oh they're beautiful, I love those gorgeous bathing suits and your beautiful drawings, I have an embroidered swimmer just waiting to be stitched up but more stripes than glitz. I have always wanted a flowery swim hat, I have a bobbly one but I can't find a flowery one. I'm hoping everyone is looking for a bit of Esther Williams glitz and glamour and they will come back into fashion again!

    1. You can't go wrong with a bit of vintage glitz and glamour. Sadly people today don't seem to care so much about elegance and style, its all fast and disposable, made terribly and in awful fabrics. Yes the flowery ones are beautiful! I have one on a vintage mannequin head in my bathroom! You could try Etsy or ebay? xx

  3. Oh my I not so secretly want you to make costumes for me. So excited to see the sea themed prints. I've never seen an Esther Williams film, think that needs to be rectified! xxx

  4. Thankyou Hannah, I would recommend 'Dangerous When Wet' and 'Million Dollar Mermaid' as her best ones. Oooh you'd look amazing in an Esther Williams sparkly get up! x