Thursday, 18 July 2013

Call of the Sea...

Call of the Sea  Acrylic on canvas 

  If you've been an avid follower of my blog in recent weeks you'll note a distinct amount of seaside and beach adventures afoot. Throughout these fishy capers the charming seaside maiden Glynis has been our central character. Most of the illustrations for this project have been whimsy gouache affairs but I felt the urge to paint Glynis in a heavier medium, so chose to paint her in acrylics (as well as make her into a doll with a similar pink haired pal called Tilda). Hope you like her? (I listed 3 of this print over in my shop yesterday but I'm afraid they've sold out already! I will list a few more in the coming weeks) I also have a desperate desire to spend a little more time in the company of Clark - the polo neck sweater wearing fisherman - so should the holidays bless me with any time at all, he may well be next in line for the acrylic treatment.

  Pencil and ink sketches of Glynis....

  Just a few more days now and we will be diving head long into the Summer Holidays. I'm trying to wrap up projects, do shop listings, and tidy neat little piles of unfinished characters. I can hardly believe my little man is at the end of his first year in school, I'm so proud of him. I'm also at the end of my first year working solely on Curious Pip. It's all been very exciting. I'm so happy - not to mention lucky - to be able to stay at home exploring my funny little world through making and painting. I feel like I've got the best job in the world. Its taken a lot of hard work, but I kept going because I felt there was a market for my work. Thankyou to all those who have graced their homes with a slice of Curious Pip, I really appreciate your support.

  There may be a few less posts during the summer as I will have less work to share, but rest assured I wont be switching off completely (not possible anyway!). I still have a few illustrations and paintings in my head for the seaside collection, look out for those over the next few weeks as well as keeping an eye on my shop for the prints.

  Obviously you can't have a seaside collection without mermaids, so after finishing a pink haired mermaiden illustration (see previous post) I set to work on bringing her to life! I have fashioned her hair in the same way as I did the Glynis dolls... adding wire to her locks to make it look like its blowing the wind. I'm also going to give her some bracelets, trinkets, more shells, pearls and sparkle....isn't she just peachy!


"So over I jumped and she pulled me down,
  Down to her seaweed bed
A pillow made of tortoise-shell
  She placed beneath my head
She fed me shrimp and caviar
  Upon a silver dish
From her head to her waist was just to my taste
  But the rest of her was a fish"
Verse from an old Sea Shanty


  1. Swoon I want her pink hair please! If you ever need an assistant let me know hah, but seriously obviously work very hard so you deserve to have your dream job. Have a lovely weekend (mine has started already joy!) xxx

  2. So sweet!! I love that Call of the Sea illustration!! She's so pretty. :) And I love that pink hair.

  3. These set's of seaside themes illustrations are stunning, have a wonderful school holiday with your little man. Mine just left school and the years go so quickly. Thanks so much for your comments and encouragement. Happy Sunny weekend ~ Sarah x

  4. Hope everyone has a smashing Summer! Thankyou for your comments. Sarah x