Wednesday, 24 July 2013

"Come live with me in the sea" said she......

  And the heat goes on...(if you're in the UK)
  I have to say I've been yearning for more cooler climates, especially in this last week. Someone hit the nail on the head the other day and said its like living in a constant hot and humid Tennessee Williams play - I couldn't agree more!
  Anyway my three little mermaids are almost complete and I've made a new acrylic painting to accompany the Glynis 'Call of the Sea'  (Clark the fisherman will be coming soon too - fingers crossed)
  I wasn't sure which caption I preferred so I have prints of both.
"Come live with me in the sea"  said she  Acrylic on canvas 
My Heart is Weary for Waves  Acrylic on canvas

  Merry Mermaids......

  Again I have used craft wire in a few strands of hair to give it that wind swept, breezy look. Their tails are made with a modern fabric - but a nice one. Its 100% silk dupion and I've added vintage lace at the bottom for their fins.  I've also added various beads, twine and seaside findings into their hair for a bit of mermaid glamour. Their little corsages are vintage bits of raffia haberdashery and bikini tops are made with scraps of vintage material (the one on the right is yet to get hers though)

  I really hope you like them, I've so enjoyed making them, even in this hot weather. They're very eye-catching and would certainly cheery up a space. Finishing them off tonight with some shell and starfish bag accessories.

'Cause her hair was green as seaweed.....'

"Come live with me in the sea," said she,
"Down on the ocean floor;
And I'll show you a million wondrous things
You've never seen before."


Ann Blyth, Dora Bryan and and Glynis Johns as mermaids along with my makings.

  Lets hope the school holidays are full of fun and we have a nice mix of warm and breezy weather. I'm quite partial to a dramatic thunder storm myself and since my little boy slept through the crescendo of scary claps and bolts the other night, he's rather hoping there'll be another soon.




  1. Oh Sarah, these are just wonderful!!! I initially found your blog while searching for mermaid dolls several months back...and was soooo hoping you would be making more! Please tell me you'll put them in your Etsy shop...I would so love to buy the yellow haired one! Your work is just fantastic and I have so enjoyed following along and seeing all of your creations! xx

    1. Kimberly, That's so lovely of you - thankyou. You are the first to ask about the yellow haired missy so please mail me at for possible 'reserve' Kindest regards and thankyou again x

  2. Dear Sarah,

    We 'met' on Facebook, I gushed and sputtered with enthusiasm over your fabulous work and now I am following your blog! Don't worry, I'm not stalking you but I AM a fan of your work!

    Warmest wishes from France where the temperatures have FINALLY dropped a little making everyday life a lot more enjoyable!


    1. Thankyou so much Stephanie, It was a delight to discover your work too and your blog is adorable - I'm a fan!

      Yes the temperatures in the UK have dropped too. Today it's poured with rain nearly all day - heaven!

      Sarah x