Saturday, 13 July 2013

Shell Headdresses, Sea Serpents and Mermaids.....

 Glynis and her pink haired pal have been beach combing......
  My little corner of the net has been a delightful beach affair of late, with this seriously hot weather it's so well suited to all my current dollies and pictures.
Shells, pearls, twine and bits of dried seaweed (from Lyme Regis 2 years ago - Its amazing the things I have knocking about!)

Think I'll call this doll Tilda. She has a slightly more Victorian style costume

'Pardon me but I've not met a sea serpent before' Gouache on pastel paper

Here's my mermaid from pencil drawing to completed illustration below. I like working in gouache but I do sometimes use both gouache and watercolour paint together.

  You will see I have slightly changed the position of the arm for the final illustration - oh the beauty of photoshop!

 There's a lot of talk about mermaids ...Gouache and watercolour on pastel paper

  I took huge inspiration from Ann Blyth as Lenore in 'Mr Peabody and the Mermaid' 1948 for my pink haired siren. I just love Ann Blyth's cute little fringe!

    Hope you all have a glorious weekend x


  1. Swoon, I love that film! They are just beautiful. Hope you are having a magical weekend xxx

  2. These are amazing! I love your illustrations <3 such talent!