Friday, 16 August 2013

A Doll with a Cunning Disguise....

  So sorry it's been awful quiet in these parts of late.... here's a little snippet of an update for you.
  My final 'Call of the Sea' illustration is almost complete so I will be listing prints in the shop in the coming weeks.
  I've also started work on a 'Wizard of Oz' set of illustrations which I'm currently loving sketching for. I can sit in the park and sketch (rather than sew or paint) so my sketch book is full of scarecrows, tin men and cowardly lions! I will be bringing you some big posts on my Oz research and workings next month. I urge you to read the oh so interesting original tale by L. Frank Baum, NO ruby slippers! and the Tin man's tale of how he became tin is heartbreakingly sad!
  Dolly wise this week I made a start on creating some characters to work alongside the 'Cunning Disguises' postcards. I'm loving making this Missy in her high waist woollen 40's pants, ivory silk shirt and colourful vintage collar. I steered away from a caplet (like in my illustration) as I wanted some colour, and was loathe to use the same colour as her trousers. This way I can also match her shoes to a colour in her flamboyant collar! Hope you like her...Her antlers are going to get a coat of varnish and will be repositioned a bit.
felt trousers and ivory 1930's silk for her blouse.

The collar is made from vintage haberdashery

  Happy Friday! x


  1. Oh my! I think she might be my favourite creation of yours to date. What a stunner Sarah!

  2. Thankyou ladies - Yes I'm so enjoying making this one. Wish I could make the trousers in my size.X

  3. Love the last pic, she strikes a pose well! x