Friday, 23 August 2013

A Doll with Antlers and Other Plans.....

  Old costume parties, fancy dress and the fun of a persona that's not entirely you.... Some people have features that could almost be mistaken for that of a specific creature.... We might say that someone has eyes like a cat or is delicate like a little bird...
  My latest creation knows full well she has gentle little Bambi eyes, so to accentuate her deer like qualities she has pulled on a pair of warm, woody coloured pants and a pair of cute antlers. She's given her costume a fancy and theatrical feel by adding a rather large embroidered collar and a glamorous silk blouse. I love the way she looks so delicate on her long and elegant pins.
  I'm definitely hoping to bring you more Cunning Disguise dolls, complete with tails, horns and wings.....Ms Cat  next I think....
Striding through the bedroom!

A very gamine cat.
  I have given my cat girl design a very gamine/Audrey Hepburn look but I may rework her a little when bringing her to life as I so love Simone Simon - the queen of that 'feline look'  If you've ever seen 'The Cat People' 1942 you'll know exactly what I mean, even her voice purrrrrrs!
  Have a super Bank Holiday if you're in the UK and I'll bring you lots of new things soon including Wizard of Oz ramblings, Etsy listings and other illustrations......x 

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