Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Call of the Sea Prints.....

"Sing me a Shanty"  Acrylic on canvas 

  I've not found a great deal of time to start any new dolls this last week, but I have managed to make this jolly little illustration for the seaside series. Sing Me a Shanty is the third and final of the acrylic character portraits - really pleased with this one. In fact I'm in love with all of these seafaring characters and will be sad to leave them behind in favour of new projects. I'm fairly confident there will be other new and interesting characters ahead though - so do not fear!

 Once my 'Cunning Disguises' postcard set is complete and I've made a few dollies to accompany it, I have plans for another illustration venture I'd like to explore.... I won't reveal just yet....I'm hoping it'll be quite an adventure, and quite a challenge.

Clark, Myrtle and Glynis

  I'm a newbie and still learning lots when it comes to selling my prints. Each of these acrylic character studies (above) is a tiny bit different in size but all three are printed on a 10 x 8" canvas.  I personally quite like things mismatched.... I like odd sizes, odd frames, misfits and mysteries....

  A collection of  'Call of the Sea' prints are now in my shop. Currently there are limited prints of each (annoyingly I ran out of paper and ink!) but hopefully depending on how popular they are there will be more. I hope there's enough to go around for those who really want one.

  Here is my sketch for the last illustration.....and this will be the last, I promise. I hope to get this one painted over the weekend.

  Getting from A to B underwater looks like great fun! look at these beautiful illustrations from a few of my vintage children's books....

  And this next illustration is going back a few years... I did this painting back in 2010 whilst on a short course. I never did quite finish all of the illustrations I started for this copper haired mermaid, but this watercolour was my favourite. Since things have been very 'sea' themed lately on my blog it seemed a shame not to share it.


  Hope everyone is still enjoying their Summer. My boy and I are having a great time. x


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  1. I shall be sorry to say farewell to your sea theme but look forward to your next project. Clark is such a handsome fellow :)