Thursday, 1 August 2013

Clark the Caddish Fisherman

  Among my seaside themed 'works' I created an image in my head of a handsome caddish fisherman named Clark. After getting this image down on paper I couldn't resist the challenge of bringing him to life!

 Clark was a welcome challenge as I'm not used to making man dollies, however.......

I'm definitely going to work on giving him a little pipe but I've not quite thought through yet exactly how I'm going to do it.

Sat on my work shelves looking cheeky and handsome.

Catch of the day!

Very pleased with his stylish jumper and tweed pants. Think this is possibly his off duty look, when he's sat cosy of an evening in his lighthouse, drinking hot coffee and rum.

  I've decided to stick with my Seaside project over the Summer as I've still got sketches I want to work into paintings and since my time is limited it seems the right thing to do. I will be adding more prints from the collection into the shop next week as well as showcasing some new ones, so keep your eyes peeled.

Movie star looks

  From September I will be finishing off my 'Cunning Disguises' postcard set and hopefully selling the illustrations as prints and creating them as dolls too. I'm especially excited about creating a doll with antlers!

  Hope everyone is having a lovely Summer so far. x

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