Monday, 2 September 2013

A Holiday and Some Old Circus Friends....

  I was drawn to the Mediterranean sea last week for a sunny holiday in Menorca. Our little family, along with some friends and their daughter spent a week in a cute little villa with a swimming pool and lots of sunshine. Its hard to cart needles, pins and fabric with you on holiday so I spend my creative moments sketching and painting....
Massive moth sat by the swimming pool, view from a coastal path, my little boy's shell man, cheers!, Dolly Dimple sketch, holiday reads, painting, drawing and beach finds.
  I decided to take with me some beautiful Khadi paper, which was a Christmas present I'd yet to experiment with. Khadi paper is handmade in South India and made from recycled cotton rag, perfect for watercolour, gouache and ink.
  So with my paper, pencils and limited paints I thought I'd visit some old circus friends that have appeared in lots of my previous illustrations. Whenever I create characters on paper I always find it difficult not to return back to them at some point. I adore the texture of this paper and especially love the raw edges - it gives work an old, organic quality which suits these character studies perfectly.
  These are just photos of the Big Top troupe but I will do some proper scans so you can see them properly. I really love that my colour palette was limited and they look quite pale and watery - it gives them a bit of a dreamy, fairytale feel.
 Belinda and the Bear - who can often be heard quarrelling over their routines but they really are the very best of friends.

Posey was last seen fleeing the Big Top and strolling into the night with her best friend (dressed in a giant bear mask) Marlene and Dolly Dimple featured in the Pre Show Chat illustration.

  Each of these postcard sized pieces took about an hour to do and I'll be adding a few more to the collection now I'm home in Bristol. I may be a little here and a little there with posts in the next few weeks as I have many bits, pieces and projects on the go. Having a long summer break also makes it a little hard to get back into the swing of things, but rest assured nothing I ever do gets left high and dry - my plans always come together in the end.

Gracie Doll (only 3ft tall) and Silver the circus pony
Jack Strong

They look so good as a little set!
  Other things on my list...
  I'm awaiting new ink at the moment but as soon as it arrives I will be doing another run of the 'Call of the Sea' prints.  Dolly wise I'm starting work tomorrow on the Cat Girl from the 'Cunning Disguises' collection - can't wait!
  I can't believe the summer hols are over!? Where did that precious time go? My little man is back to school tomorrow Boo!! Its difficult to juggle work and a little one but I shall so miss having him at home. I love the Autumn term though and I guess it won't be too long now before we start to feel a slight shift in the seasons. I hope all my readers had a glorious fun packed Summer? I appreciate each and everyone of you, your support and positive comments put a feather in my cap and a spring in my step! x

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