Thursday, 12 September 2013

Etsy Shop Update.....

  If you drop by my shop tomorrow you will find another set of 'Call of the Sea' prints listed. If you have a favourite and you missed out last time, it's best to purchase as soon as I tweet with updates to avoid disappointment. There are limited prints folks!

  As you can see there are a few extra too.

  Always be sure to read the descriptions carefully before purchase.




  1. Beautiful! I am sure to purchase in due course. Your art work deserves to be on greetings cards (with a nice big contract of course), have you submitted any proposals to companies? I'm not in the business to help, but your prints should be in major hands x

    1. Oh that's so lovely of you - thankyou. Its something I might start thinking about but its a bit of a minefield on how to go about it. I kind of potter away happy doing what I'm doing, forgetting that perhaps I should look at a bigger picture. Very kind of you thankyou again x