Friday, 18 October 2013

A Winter Collection...

  Some time ago I started thinking about a collection of Winter prints (In the same vein as the Summer 'Call of the Sea' project) I'm so excited as I've been working away on sketches and ideas and just can't wait to throw myself headlong into working fully on the collection (could do with some snow to fuel my ideas though!)

 I've been slightly under the weather this week so haven't got as much done as I'd have liked but I look forward to showing you my illustrations, inspirations and ideas in the coming weeks.

  During the Summer we shared a joyful ride of seaside follies with Glynis, Clark and Myrtle (a little trio that I miss like dear friends - I feel they will be back next Summer for sure) In these next few months I will be introducing you to several new characters ...You can expect a snowy haired heroine, a dashing, slick and polished hero, a knowing mountain hare and possibly a friendly Ibex (but I'm having great trouble sketching one) There will be hot chocolate, warm fires, snow (lots of it!) and possibly romance!

  My aim is to create a mixture of acrylic paintings, watercolour and gouache illustrations, pencil sketches, and dolls.

  I want this collection to be more of a winter project than a Christmas themed one, but I will still be designing new Christmas cards for the shop and making some festive tree fairy dolls.....Better get my skates on!!

 Just to let you know there is currently a handful of last years Christmas card sets in the shop, should you wish to purchase.

  Sneak peak at our Winter heroine.......

Alpine Peg

  Oh! and as I promised earlier in the week, I did a painting and a 'favourite things' type illustration to accompany my Janet creation from the last post.

Nights With The Circus......Gouache on handmade handmade khadi paper

  Hope all my readers have a lovely weekend x



  1. I hope you are feeling better soon. I've been feeling tired too with the onslaught of school-caught cold viruses to fend off. I love your work dearly and, I bet you'll agree, I often feel it would be wonderful not to have to sleep so much in order to have more hours to create.

    Happy weekend to you.


    1. Thankyou so much, its lovely when people tell me they enjoy my work.
      Yes I have a definite touch of the blues at the moment, not sure where its suddenly sprung from but hoping I'll be back on form next week. My husband tells me I'm too much of a perfectionist and need to give myself a break! xx

  2. Hope you start feeling better real soon! Such wonderful work as per usual xxx

    1. Thankyou Hannah, appreciate that. Have a lovely weekend xx