Friday, 25 October 2013

Snowy Silence.....

  I remember being very young when I first noticed that peaceful silence you get with a fall of heavy snow... I also remember that satisfying feeling of making the first footprints in your garden and the anticipation of going sledging after school (cause in those days in seemed school went ahead even if snow was up to our ears!)
  I was hoping to capture that exact feeling of silence in this next illustration. Hope you like it.
Snowy Silence Gouache on watercolour paper

Alpine Peg has white merino wool hair styled in braided buns, red felt jumper with embellished pattern. She will have brown woollen trousers and painted acrylic boots.

  A little mood board of images that are helping to inspire my latest workings...

Left to Right: Betty Grable, 1950's alpine painting, Lilian Harvey dances with a snowman in 'I am Suzanne' 1933

Top Left: 1930's ski fashion plate, Loretta Young looking fab with her braids in 'The Farmer's daughter' 1947 Bottom Left: Cute painting from the 20's and Gary Cooper and Claudette Colbert.

   Happy Weekend! x

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