Wednesday, 9 October 2013


  When I was about 16 I longed to have hair like Veronica Lake - I was lucky because my hair was blonde and it was long so I spent hours with my mums 1960's plastic rollers in my hair trying to achieve her sultry barnet! It struck me how my latest work is very like the 1940's petite siren of the silver screen so I have called her Veronica! Admittedly she doesn't have a peek a boo bang but hopefully I've captured that stylish 1940's casual look with high waist pants, cute hat, scarf and a polka dot blouse.
Veronica has wire in her legs so she can sit, cross her legs and do high kicks!
Veronica Lake
Veronica has a felt 40's style hat with vintage haberdashery, a 50's sheer scarf, blue and white polka dot blouse and felt pants with tiny blue buttons on the side. Her shoes are also felt and have little pom poms on the front
  I've seen most of Veronica Lake's movies but  'I Married a Witch' with Fredric March (who sadly hated working with her) is my favourite. I shall be pulling that one out of my dvd collection this month as its perfect for the run up to Halloween. 
Amazing poster for the 1942 movie 'I married a Witch'

Veronica sporting big stylish pants in 'The Blue Dahlia' 1946 with her most popular co star Alan Ladd.
I'm sorry but I have now SOLD this item
  I also just wanted to mention that if you have any questions you'd like to ask me by all means drop me an email, however I have updated my Frequently Asked Questions  page over on my website so you may find the answer there.
  I hope that everyone's having a good week and enjoying some Autumnal sunshine. x

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