Friday, 29 November 2013

Showgirl Milly, Paper Doll.....

  Now that I'm starting to get the hang of the whole paper doll making lark, there's going to be no stopping me! In the New Year you can expect all manor of adventures and further adventures into the world of Pip paper dolls.
  So here is my second paper poppet character, Showgirl Milly. I called her Milly because she reminded me of Milly Molly Mandy - a sweet little girl I remember from my childhood. Do you remember those lovely sweet stories - all blackberry jam, village fetes and tea cosies?
  I had a very busy start to the week finishing off my Festive fairies and Nancy Beaton tree topper. I will admit I wasn't expecting quite the amount of lovely feedback, emails and reserve requests - thankyou so much! And just to let you know I have stitched up two more little tree topper bodies which I intend to finish next week. I will announce listings for them when I've finished.
  I vowed I would take two days off this week and catch up on my life, friends and Christmas shopping..... I managed half a day before I got ants in my pants and had to return to Pip corner. Hence more paper dolls!

I'm advising we do snip the little gap between arm and waist out on this one (unlike Peg) since we need to bend the little tabs around her waist.

Playing around and testing the fits for each outfit.
I will add a little feather to each set this time to glue onto her cap and I will add (as before) a tiny tab of blue tack and wooden craft stick (for extra strength) .....I may even throw in a few sequins to decorate her costumes.

  I will do you a much better photoshoot of Milly the Showgirl next week (these are very rough cut outs) as well as listing the sets in my shop. I will also add a few more Alpine Peggy paper doll sets for those who missed out.
  Everywhere is starting to get positively Festive don't you think?....I want some snow!
  Have a fabulous weekend! x

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Nancy Beaton Tree Topper and other Festive Fairies......

 Several weeks ago when I was looking forward to embarking on festive fairies, a very pretty idea was given to me via Twitter. Why don't I make a Nancy Beaton style tree topper?
 Nancy Beaton is the sister of the famous photographer Cecil Beaton and in 1929 he snapped Nancy as a shooting star, draped in cellophane - a material he often used for his subjects or backdrops.

  With this heavenly idea in mind I used a recent purchase of beautiful, original 1920's chiffon, embellished with sparkling rhinestones and created an evening gown I hope any tree topper fairy would be proud of.  Nancy has little tinsel pipe cleaner wings (like last years fairies) stars in her golden hair and a beautiful star wand. Here are some working progress photos and the finished item.

The little net skirt underneath puffs out the dress ever so slightly. I didn't want a big, big tutu style dress as I wouldn't fit with the era.

She's like a cross between Nancy Beaton, Daisy Buchanan and Glinda from The Wizard of Oz!

  This little tree topper is dainty and eye catching I wish she could stay with me forever!

Worthy of any Christmas tree I hope

  I adore making dolls and have pages of ideas for the New Year so if you're after a Pip doll I would love you to have one. They do get snapped up rather quickly I'm afraid but they'll be plenty more so don't be too disappointed.

  It's getting a little chilly in these parts, stay toasty! I hope to you show you more paper doll ideas by the end of the week plus I'll list a few more Alpine peg paper poppets in the shop.


Monday, 18 November 2013

Paper Dolls.....

  I've lost track of the times my lovely readers have requested the possibility of paper dolls. I'm so excited because I too have wanted to work on a paper doll project for like 2 whole years! The idea arose again a few weeks ago when I got to thinking about all the lovely little outfits Peggy might have back at her cosy lodge in the Alps.
  I started off doing a few mock ups on standard paper (fairly thin) just to see what she would look like and if her clothes would fit. When I was happy I traced on to thicker khadi paper (which I love working on) and painted.

Peg in her smalls!

  The best part of making a paper doll is creating her outfits. I sketched day dresses, evening dresses, a lounge suit and a pair of cute pyjamas....In the end, however, I decided to limit Peg to three outfits - at least for my first paper doll set...

  - Her traditional red jumper and brown ski pants
  - Skater dress and hat
  - Prussian blue coat, purse and hat

  Hope you like them...

I have also added little pom poms for added cuteness
After printing Peg out on sturdy heavyweight paper I have glued a craft stick to her other side for extra strength. I have cut little slits in her hats with a sharp stanley knife (it can be achieved with little scissors but much easier and neater with a knife)
   Ta da!!

I found it easier not to cut out the little space between her arm and her waist


   I had great fun looking and researching the history of the Paper Doll and also feasting my eyes on some of the beautiful vintage movie star paper poppets from Hollywood's heyday - Esther Williams, Rita Hayworth - I urge you to go look them up. However my absolute favourite internet find has to be comic strip heroine Tillie the Toiler! If I owned a vintage paper doll set such as Tillie (my next treasure to look out for) I would possibly just pop it in a little frame - oh the possibilities are endless!

  I will be printing limited sets of my Alpine Peggy paper dolls so keep your eyes peeled. In each set I will include an instructions sheet, little pom poms, a craft stick and a small square of blue tack - just incase you want to tack down the little tabs! I will list them towards the end of the week.

  I'm going to do more paper dolls in the New Year so expect circus showgirls and Busby Berkeley sweethearts! x

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Christmas Cards....

  Hooray! Alpine Peg 2013 Christmas card sets. Now available in my Etsy Shop!
Snowy Silence

  Talking of our cute little heroine Alpine Peggy, I have two illustrations almost complete to add the collection of frosty adventures....

  Introducing Trent (what a catch) Skier, skater, dare devil and tabogganer extraordinaire! With his movie star looks and debonair fashionable swagger, I feel sure our Peg will fall head over heels! 


Monday, 4 November 2013

More from Peggy...

  Having just finished these Peggy dolls I'm starting to feel a warm glow...... the Festive Season is on the horizon!!

Each Peggy has a braided snowy hairstyle, scarlet felt jumper with embroidery thread embellishment, brown felt pants and acrylic painted gloves and boots.

  I just couldn't decide which hair style to go with so I did two different styles for the dolls - I quite like Peggy's indecisive nature...

Peg tames her unruly mop with stylish braids... Gouache on handmade khadi paper

I will stitch a ribbon on Peggy's back so you can hang her from your wall, or even from you Christmas tree!

  In the run up to Christmas I will be working on all things 'Peggy' but I'll also post interludes of other things I'm working on too. I often find it hard to concentrate on just one thing and since my mind is quite often a jumble who knows what will happen next!

 I've also been sketching ideas for a handsome, dashing hero to join our Peg - will introduce you to him later in the week....... and I'll admit I'm very fond of him already....Stay tuned! x