Monday, 4 November 2013

More from Peggy...

  Having just finished these Peggy dolls I'm starting to feel a warm glow...... the Festive Season is on the horizon!!

Each Peggy has a braided snowy hairstyle, scarlet felt jumper with embroidery thread embellishment, brown felt pants and acrylic painted gloves and boots.

  I just couldn't decide which hair style to go with so I did two different styles for the dolls - I quite like Peggy's indecisive nature...

Peg tames her unruly mop with stylish braids... Gouache on handmade khadi paper

I will stitch a ribbon on Peggy's back so you can hang her from your wall, or even from you Christmas tree!

  In the run up to Christmas I will be working on all things 'Peggy' but I'll also post interludes of other things I'm working on too. I often find it hard to concentrate on just one thing and since my mind is quite often a jumble who knows what will happen next!

 I've also been sketching ideas for a handsome, dashing hero to join our Peg - will introduce you to him later in the week....... and I'll admit I'm very fond of him already....Stay tuned! x

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  1. Wowwww!! Lovely Peggy's! You are an artist! a lot of kisses! Montse of