Monday, 18 November 2013

Paper Dolls.....

  I've lost track of the times my lovely readers have requested the possibility of paper dolls. I'm so excited because I too have wanted to work on a paper doll project for like 2 whole years! The idea arose again a few weeks ago when I got to thinking about all the lovely little outfits Peggy might have back at her cosy lodge in the Alps.
  I started off doing a few mock ups on standard paper (fairly thin) just to see what she would look like and if her clothes would fit. When I was happy I traced on to thicker khadi paper (which I love working on) and painted.

Peg in her smalls!

  The best part of making a paper doll is creating her outfits. I sketched day dresses, evening dresses, a lounge suit and a pair of cute pyjamas....In the end, however, I decided to limit Peg to three outfits - at least for my first paper doll set...

  - Her traditional red jumper and brown ski pants
  - Skater dress and hat
  - Prussian blue coat, purse and hat

  Hope you like them...

I have also added little pom poms for added cuteness
After printing Peg out on sturdy heavyweight paper I have glued a craft stick to her other side for extra strength. I have cut little slits in her hats with a sharp stanley knife (it can be achieved with little scissors but much easier and neater with a knife)
   Ta da!!

I found it easier not to cut out the little space between her arm and her waist


   I had great fun looking and researching the history of the Paper Doll and also feasting my eyes on some of the beautiful vintage movie star paper poppets from Hollywood's heyday - Esther Williams, Rita Hayworth - I urge you to go look them up. However my absolute favourite internet find has to be comic strip heroine Tillie the Toiler! If I owned a vintage paper doll set such as Tillie (my next treasure to look out for) I would possibly just pop it in a little frame - oh the possibilities are endless!

  I will be printing limited sets of my Alpine Peggy paper dolls so keep your eyes peeled. In each set I will include an instructions sheet, little pom poms, a craft stick and a small square of blue tack - just incase you want to tack down the little tabs! I will list them towards the end of the week.

  I'm going to do more paper dolls in the New Year so expect circus showgirls and Busby Berkeley sweethearts! x


  1. utterly fabulous! I love paper dolls and have toyed with the idea of making them. The fitting is difficult but yours look beautiful and I love love her skating outfit :)

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  3. You are so talented!!! I love this, especially the pom-poms!!! I would have never thought of embellishing it with something other than paper!!!

    1. Thankyou so much and welcome. I have just been checking out your site and I love the Nancy Drew outfits. x