Friday, 29 November 2013

Showgirl Milly, Paper Doll.....

  Now that I'm starting to get the hang of the whole paper doll making lark, there's going to be no stopping me! In the New Year you can expect all manor of adventures and further adventures into the world of Pip paper dolls.
  So here is my second paper poppet character, Showgirl Milly. I called her Milly because she reminded me of Milly Molly Mandy - a sweet little girl I remember from my childhood. Do you remember those lovely sweet stories - all blackberry jam, village fetes and tea cosies?
  I had a very busy start to the week finishing off my Festive fairies and Nancy Beaton tree topper. I will admit I wasn't expecting quite the amount of lovely feedback, emails and reserve requests - thankyou so much! And just to let you know I have stitched up two more little tree topper bodies which I intend to finish next week. I will announce listings for them when I've finished.
  I vowed I would take two days off this week and catch up on my life, friends and Christmas shopping..... I managed half a day before I got ants in my pants and had to return to Pip corner. Hence more paper dolls!

I'm advising we do snip the little gap between arm and waist out on this one (unlike Peg) since we need to bend the little tabs around her waist.

Playing around and testing the fits for each outfit.
I will add a little feather to each set this time to glue onto her cap and I will add (as before) a tiny tab of blue tack and wooden craft stick (for extra strength) .....I may even throw in a few sequins to decorate her costumes.

  I will do you a much better photoshoot of Milly the Showgirl next week (these are very rough cut outs) as well as listing the sets in my shop. I will also add a few more Alpine Peggy paper doll sets for those who missed out.
  Everywhere is starting to get positively Festive don't you think?....I want some snow!
  Have a fabulous weekend! x


  1. Milly is very adorable and quite the showgirl! Looking forward to the Paper doll adventures! I know the feeling, trying to take time off, but passions just call us back! x

  2. Oh she is so beautiful, your posts always inspire me to dress like a ziegfeld gal x