Friday, 15 November 2013

Trent - Skier, Skater, Tabogganer Extraordinaire!

Let's Ride the slopes....Acrylic on canvas

  Let me introduce you to Trent - who has already stolen my heart (he could quite easily be Clark's brother don't you think from Call of the Sea) What a slick, polished and care-free dare devil - he's a skier, a skater, a charmer and tabogganer extraordinaire!

  I've added a touch of hilarity to the character in that he is sporting a rather noticeable touch of ski google sunburn! (tongue twister!)

  Oh and when Peggy met Trent!............

Hello there Peggy!.... Watercolour and gouache

Think they look rather good together don't you.

  A little Trent inspiration.....

Of course the very, very dashing Clark Gable

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