Friday, 6 December 2013

Flapper Tree Fairy.....


  With the excitement of Christmas just around the corner my working hours this week have been slightly in favour of Christmas shopping and yuletide plans. It's amazing how we all moan about early advertisement then suddenly before you know it it's here - and you're less organised than you thought! Also spent a lot of time this week packaging up Pip dolls and goodies then toing and froing to the post office - almost every other day!  Its so lovely to have had lots of sales these past few weeks, I was thrilled to reach my 300 sales mark in my Etsy shop. Thankyou guys!
 ...Anyway! Here's another Christmas tree topper to add yet more sparkle to you festive d├ęcor. This one has a definite flapper feel with her sparkling bejewelled head scarf, kiss curls and feathered fan. I'm stitching up a second one as we speak and hope to get them both in the shop by next week. Unfortunately this means that if you are overseas it won't get you in time for Christmas. I'm so sorry this is the case. There's just never enough hours in the day to get as much done as I would like.

This little 20's starlet wears original 1920's rhinestone and beaded headpiece, vintage green chiffon bodice - to which I have stitched more rhinestones. The bottom half of her costume is 1930s gold lame fabric and her fan is made up of vintage feathers from an old 40's hat to which I have added star sequins. Her legs have been painted white with acrylic paint then given a coat of matte varnish. 

Sweet little wand and tinsel pipe cleaner wings - reminiscent of those cute kitsch tree angels of the 50's and 60's 

  Don't forget you still have time to purchase some Pip Christmas cards if you're in the UK. I'm planning on making Friday the 13th my last day for posting, but will make exceptions here and there should you make a purchase after this date.

  Hope everyone has a lovely weekend and is starting to feel positively festive! x

Monday, 2 December 2013

Circus Paper Dolls in my Shop

  Just to let you know there are 6 sets of Showgirl Milly paper dolls now up for grabs in my Shop

  Here is a snap of my original sketchy idea for Milly and her cute little circus wardrobe - I did this in bed one night at about 1.00am, unable to sleep because I was thinking about clown costumes and sequinned tutus!

I have backed Milly on some thicker card and stuck a wooden craft stick to her back. I have then added additional stars, pom poms and feathers to her costume.