Friday, 17 January 2014

Ballerinas Part 2

  This week I have been indulging in one of my favourite movie classics - The Red Shoes 1948 This beautiful Technicolor dream of a movie is the inspiration behind my latest dolly dancers. Hopefully they look like they could have stepped straight out of the movie itself?

I have concentrated on using felt for the dancers rehearsal wear. Felt is so versatile and easy to work with - you can purchase so many great colours too. Their little turbans are made from vintage 50's sheer scarves.

  Clips from The Red Shoes.....

Moira shearer as the ill-fated Vicky Page

  I love the clips in the movie when we see the dancers during rehearsal, black leotards, white and black tights then flashes of vibrant colour coming from floaty scarves wrapped around the dancers waists or head. It's such a vivid and glamorous film, I can't imagine anyone not losing themselves in this extravagant theatrical tale. It's a movie for a cold, rainy afternoon. It is as dark and dangerous in as much as it is uplifting and joyous. If you've never seen this visual feast watch it! and if you have seen it watch it again!

  Its very unusual for me to have made this much progress from one weekend to the next but I have had little distraction this week and seem to have had an unstoppable drive and focus - al la Vicky Page!

The character at the front has a whole balletic story of her own, for she is Renee, the character I created for the illustration in a previous post. More on her next week.

Had to show you these wonderful, heavily tinted photographs. My husband found these for me years ago in a charity shop. He said they just had me written all over them.  I have no idea who they are but think they may have been plates from a book - they were framed when my husband bought them. They remind me so much of The Red Shoes.

  Have a wonderful weekend! x

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