Monday, 27 January 2014

New Prints and Paper Dolls.....

  Good afternoon to you all from a rainy, grey and rather cold Monday here in Bristol.

  Some of you have been asking about my little detective paper doll (inspired by Nora Charles) and will I still be listing one in my shop? The answer is yes! and here she is - two knockout outfits and a crime busting partner. Tomorrow I will make some up and I'll post some photos in a day or so you can see her in her outfits. Will list in my shop by the end of the week.

Since Nora is lacking a Nick I felt she just had to have Asta

Myrna Loy with Skippy aka Asta in the Thin Man movies the inspiration behind my little detective dolls and paper doll.

  Also this week I will be listing two new prints in the shop from my current ballerina workings...

Gouache on Handmade Khadi paper

Detail from above right print

  Also working on Renée Dubois in her stylish plaid suit....

Renée Dubois will also have a large round suitcase to carry all her Ballerina Tour Essentials


  1. What a lot of beautiful work, the paper dolls are looking fabulous, I shall be popping over to your shop to drule! Susannah x

    1. You say the loveliest things - thankyou Susannah x

  2. You make the most adorable dolls ever, Sarah! I love how the Renée Dubois doll captured her exact look, which is very classy and sultry. Anyway, I'm a huge fan of your works. Browsing through your products have been nothing short of delightful. Thanks for sharing that! Kudos and more power to you!

    Chris Hatcher @ Red Stick SEO