Thursday, 27 February 2014

My name is Tallulah.......

  And here she is, the epitome of 'Flapper'

  I am absolutely thrilled with this little character. She took a lot of hours but I enjoyed every second of her creation. I think her face fits the era so entirely. She reminds me of one of The Brinkley Girls with her super thin expressionate eye brows and dark cupid bow lips. Tallulah is an independent woman, loves a party and vamps her way through life with sparkle and a touch of could you not fall in love with her?

Tallulah wears her gold bullion wig with added vintage pearl beads, her whole outfit is made with vintage fabrics. She has gold thread shoes with gold beads and a little bag covered in hand stitched beads.

Snappy Flapper!

You'd fit right in doll, you'd fit right in..

  A wall of inspiration...

The Great Gatsby,  F Scott Fitzgerald's Flappers and Philosophers which includes a fabulous short story called Bernice Bobs Her Hair, art by the inspirational Nell Brinkley, Mae Murray, Prudence Prim by Nell Brinkley, Louise Brooks, and Mae Murray again in the last two images.

Always been rather obsessed with Nell Brinkley's girls. Her work is a huge inspiration. I've been after this book for years and I'm so happy it's being reprinted. Guess it will be out later in the year? If anyone knows please let me know!

  Along with creating Tallulah I have put together another 'Essentials' print (I'd love to create a book with all my 'Essentials' illustrations they're growing by the day!)

  Here is Tallulah without her gold wig! This print is now listed over in my Etsy shop but think there may only be one left! There will be more available though in the coming weeks.

Tallulah's flapper essentials ..Gouache on Handmade Khadi paper

  Happy Thursday guys and gals! xx

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