Tuesday, 11 February 2014

New Illustrations, Trudy, Claudette, and a Gold Haired Flapper...

  If you've been following me on Instagram (since I signed up last week) you'll no doubt have seen some working progress photos of two new Pip dolls and illustrations for the Shop

I have used pale gold gouache for this little flapper's wig. I am unsure if she'll be quite as striking as a print but I may work on adding the gold detail by hand onto the actual print. Not made up my mind yet.

1940's Turban...Gouache on Handmade Khadi paper

1920's gold Bullion Wig...Gouache on Handmade Khadi paper

  Also alongside 1930's inspired Claudette  in her vintage winter olympic ski suit (introduced in my last post) I have created Trudy - a 1940's glamour puss on a Winter holiday.

Trudy and Claudette

  Trudy wears navy ski pants, vintage embroidered silk blouse and huge faux fur, broad shouldered box style 1940's jacket. Trudy also wears a black silky turban, which I have embellished with black and gold beads. She has a beautiful set of golden curls as well as a yellow sheer vintage scarf....Excuse the large glass of red wine!!!

  These dolls are not quite finished yet as Trudy is going to have a clutch bag and Claudette a hat. Both dolls will also have acrylic painted on boots with pom poms.

Trudy also has stitched on white cotton snow drops on the end of her lashes!

  Love this old 1940's photo from the Life Archives it truly inspired Trudy!

  Three years ago when I first started creating dolls - alongside my drawing and painting - I made a flapper doll in a vintage lace dress and glamorous 1920's gold bullion wig.  My work has moved on significantly since then but since I adored making that doll so much I felt it was time to create another one..

  Here's progress.....

Little predecessor made in 2011

  Gold Bullion wig inspiration....

Michelle Violy Harper is wearing a 1920's gold wig seen here with Sarah Sophie Flicker

  I shall be taking a week off next week to enjoy time with my family. I will still be posting snaps on Instagram and tweeting the odd tweet. Should you order from my shop you will notice I will be unable to post/ship until Monday 24th febuary.

Lots a love to one and all! xx


  1. I adore your dolls and illustrations.

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  2. It's rare to see illustrations of pin-up girls nowadays. With that being said, I'm so glad that you're bringing back the charm of vintage illustrations. You even went the extra mile to make dolls out of them. I just stumbled upon your blog recently, and I gotta say, I'm hooked. Thanks for sharing that, Sarah. Kudos and more power to you! :)

    Lisa Thompson @ Controlled Color, Inc.