Monday, 3 February 2014

Renée Dubois and Ski Glamour on the Horizon......

  Hi friends, Hope everyone has had a tip top weekend and is looking forward to the week ahead.

  I've been kind of wrapping up my ballerina project but couldn't end it without posting some snaps of Renée Dubois...a chic ballerina who always arrives at the stage door in style......

Au revoir ballerina chic

  Since I will soon be heading off, once again, to the Cairngorm mountains in Scotland I'm now letting myself feel inspired by log cabins, snow covered mountains, rosy cheeks and the anticipation of whisky hot toddies. Therefore moving my attentions back towards a Winter theme (a la Alpine Peg) I'm creating a holiday log cabin inhabitant called Claudette.....more next week.

Red hair, a ski jacket, gloves and pom poms.

  'I Met Him In Paris' 1937 - this isn't a great picture as it's a photo rather than a scan from one of my movie books.

The movie 'I Met Him In Paris' 1937 (not a great title considering most of the movie is set in the snowy mountains of Switzerland - supposedly) kicked off my current sketches and fascination with all things vintage ski clobber. Last year I had the same obsession before/during and after a snowy holiday and created the ski face corsages...remember those? there could be more!

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