Thursday, 13 February 2014


  A few working progress pictures of my latest character.... Tallulah!

  Tallulah frequents jazz clubs and vaudeville shows. She smokes cigarettes and drinks alcohol. She dances till dawn in a rebellious and outlandish manner.... She is a flapper!

Vintage pearly beads 

Tallulah wears a gold wig embellished with mini pearls. Her dress is made from some vintage brocade type fabric and her boa is vintage trim.  As with all my dolls clothes are stitched to the body so are not removable. I'm going to add some beads to her gold shoes and possibly give her a bag.

  I really hope you like Tallulah. She is taking rather a long time to complete and I'm still not quite there yet but I'm really enjoying this creation. She has sparked off lots of other ideas for flapper dolls so watch this space!

  Photos to be inspired by...

  The girl with the bee-stung lips - Mae Murray.

I love these 1920's extreme make-up looks by Dior 

All that jazz! Baz Luhrmann's 'The Great Gatsby'


  1. she's beautiful and i love the make up and silvery hair from Dior too

  2. I'm going to need another flapper doll .... with smokey eyes ... and those wonderful eyebrows!

  3. Not sure how I got here but very glad I did! Love the glamour in your work (I've just been having a nosey mooch!) and to see how the dolls evolve. Nice to meet you x Jane

  4. Toda linda,maravilhosa
    Seu trabalho é minucioso levando a perfeição.