Sunday, 23 February 2014

Took a Little Holiday.......

  Hello folks! It's been a little quiet on my blog this last week, but if you follow me over on Instagram you'll know I've been on a cosy half term holiday with my family in the Scottish Highlands!

  Such a relaxing week was had that we found it a struggle to drag ourselves away from our fairytale log cabin at Eagle Brae and return to city life in Bristol. We enjoyed a week of country walks, highland drives, snow, slow cooked stews, wine (of course) and warm fires. Heading back has been a bit of a shock to the system as my husband is straight back into a busy working schedule that doesn't let up for many weeks ahead.

Claudette found a snug little corner of the suitcase.

Toasting my feet, Claudette seems to fit right in with the log cabin decor! Walking boots! (because sometimes you just have to put glamour aside)

The little children's beds had heavy wool curtains to pull across when you were ready to fall asleep. Reminded me of  '42nd Street' when everyone is in their beds on a steam train singing Shuffle off to Buffalo!

  I obviously did a little bit of sketching and painting while away (don't go anywhere without a sketch pad) and came up with some new ideas for dolls and projects I'd like to give the Pip treatment. I also drew flappers and land girls, cheeky ghosts and prim school mistresses (another story for a later post)

 I hope everyone had an adventurous and happy week and rest assured if you have sent me any correspondence I will mail you back next week.

  Happy Sunday! x


  1. What an idyllic log cabin, I could live in a place like that forever! and Claudette looked very glamorous in her winter wear. I expect she can't wait to tell the 'girls' all about her trip! x

    1. It was truly amazing! I've got post holiday withdrawal symptoms today. Claudette looked wonderful against all that log cabin splendour, so delightful. x