Monday, 31 March 2014

Jean Harlow Prints and Postcard Sets

  Jean Harlow prints and postcard sets will be available in the coming weeks. I think I have one or two more cute scenarios to add, but after that I will be concentrating on getting them in my shop.  I sincerely hope my pen and ink affairs are making you smile and even giggle just a little bit. Jean Harlow after-all was a happy young woman, who lived life to the full. Robert Taylor remembered her as 'kind and amusing' and Maureen O'Sullivan said 'There wasn't anyone at MGM who didn't love, and wasn't amused by her, and didn't think her an absolute darling.'

  Since I was a teenager various nuggets of information regards our blonde bombshell have stuck with me. I've drawn upon just a few of these sweet little facts for the collection. I'm not saying I'm a complete Harlow expert but I feel that over the years I have formed a fairly accurate picture of the kind of person Jean was.

  Again these are only photos of my work at this stage and not scans. Hope you like them.

  Jean was a huge animal lover. Since her childhood she had a constant menagerie of pets....including dogs, cats, goldfish and ducks!!!

Here I have attempted to draw her little Pomeranian called Oscar. Think this is my favourite of the collection.

  Since Myrna Loy (another absolute favourite of mine) was one of her dearest friends... I feel quite certain they must have had the odd cocktail together.....

Lovely Jean and Myrna on the set of 'Wife vs. Secretary' 1936

  I love all the beauty and style tips I've read over the years with regards to Jean's hair, makeup, exercise and diet, but the fact she liked soap and water followed by an ice cold rinse has to be my very favourite. 

  Jean dolls number 4 and 5 are almost finished and I'll be starting on a few more this week. I've had lots of enquires about these platinum bombshells and therefore do have a mini waiting list. All the lovely people who have mailed me, I've not forgotten you!  I'm sure you appreciate these beauties do take a lot of hours and I'm currently working on them alongside my other projects - not to mention admin and life in general. Some weeks I work at a snails pace and other weeks I'm like lightning! I'm not fond of deadlines I'm afraid.

The latest cotton top beauties have additional hats. Again they are made with both new and vintage fabrics and have wire running through their legs for posing.

  I hope that those who follow my blog are enjoying my latest pieces. For those who aren't familiar with Jean Harlow, I hope this perhaps makes you want to pour yourself a cup of tea and spend half an hour reading about Hollywood's first blonde bombshell. xx


  1. These look so so gorgeous!! Amazing work, love the illustrations and the dolls too :) xx Kizzy

  2. I adore these illustrations, especially the shower curtain! Beautiful

  3. Words cannot say how excited I am to have found your blog! ♥

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