Sunday, 9 March 2014

New Jean Harlow Dolls...Working Progress..

  Oh the joyous week I have had with the one and only original blonde bombshell - Jean Harlow!

  In my previous post I let on I was making more Harlow dolls. I made a dozen of them last year and due to their success I vowed I would have regular Jean Harlow making extravaganzas! I started these dolls a few weeks ago but made lots of headway with them this week. Here are a few working photographs from my Instagram page. 

  Sat in my cosy studio corner after a week of watching Harlow movies and endless felting of fluffy snow white hair, I still find it really hard to put into words my fascination and utter devotion to this platinum blonde goddess. Those of you who are as hooked on Harlow as I will know that this gentle and talented icon feels like an old friend, one that you have an overwhelming desire to protect (especially if like me you have spent over 20 years reading about her life and watching her movies)

  I always feel so excited when sharing my love of Jean. The beauty of social networking means that I have met so many Harlow fans. What I really love is that so many are so young! It just goes to show that almost 80 years after her death at the shocking age of just 26 she is still mesmerising audiences. That's a true icon.

I wonder what Jean would have made of my cute little interpretations of her?

1930's silk. It's the only little bit of this cream silk I have left.  Perfect for Jean

  I often wonder what paths Jean's career may have taken had she lived. How would she have adapted her look as she headed - still a relatively young woman - into the 1940's and 50's? we'll never know. Jean is frozen in time, forever 26 years old. I find her totally inspiring, I never tire of her movies and I never tire of reading all the lovely things other old Hollywood actors had to say about her. Everyone loved Jean Harlow and everyone still does.

  Jean's trademark platinum locks.......

Again I have used a 1940's fabric to make this Jean a little blouse. She also wears white wide legged, high waisted pants an off duty look Jean was so often seen in.

  I will finish these three dolls next week but there will be more. 

  Lots of people email me and ask me about prices. Here is a Link to my FAQ's over on my website. One of my tasks next week will be to update my website with new photos, pages and information.

  Hope everyone has a great week whatever you are doing. If you get time to watch a Jean Harlow movie there are a good handful on the Internet but you do have to do a bit of searching. xx

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  1. As you know, I adore ALL of your dolls...but Jean Harlow is most special to me as she is to you. Bless you for making these. To answer your question, Jean would find your dolls splendid!!! I look forward to another Pip Harlow doll in my collection. xo