Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Jump for Joy! It's Myrna Loy.....

  I do have a lot of 1930's Hollywood favourites but Myrna Loy (especially as Nora Charles) is by far my absolute tip top. If you follow my blog on a regular basis you may remember the Little Detective dolls I made earlier in the year. They were smart, sleuthing Nora Charles types in 30's and 40's inspired outfits and many a clue up their sleeve.

  Over the last few weeks, because I'm such a sucker for Nick and Nora's witty banter, bickering and boozing, I have been re-watching The Thin Man movies - again!

  Myrna Loy inspired creations look to be on the horizon...........

Ta Da!!! Asta and Nora

I'm so happy with her little hat - very fiddly to make, nearly gave up a few times.

Early Sketches

If only my hair would do that! Love this photo

I have added the little dog from my 'Little Detective' paper doll set.

Then there were three! I picked up this old postcard of the dashing William Powell (aka Nick Charles) at a flea market over the weekend.

Nick, Nora and Asta

Working snaps

Nick, Asta and Nora

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  1. Adorable! I love Nick and Nora and you do a really great job of incorporating their essence into your doll. :)