Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Sunshine, Plans and Jean Harlow....

  We're certainly enjoying some very beautiful sunny Spring weather here in Bristol this week. It's a perfect time for the sun to shine as we are in the middle of the Easter holidays. If like me you have a little one off school it's such a happy relief to know you can get out to the parks, have picnics and meet up with friends.

  Surprisingly I've also managed to get more work done than I'd hoped and I've made lots of plans regards what I want to make next. There are so many things that I also need to get on top of  (i.e accounts) The new tax year is a gentle reminder that I have a daunting amount to get through. I will be updating my website soon and adding a whole new page dedicated to my Harlow dolls and illustrations. I'm so excited about my Jean postcard sets and prints and really look forward to listing them in my shop once they're printed. Oh and I have my two Land Girls to finish! I've also been making a Myrna Loy inspired doll and planning a few more circus showgirls. I'm usually led by what fabrics I discover, what movies I've been watching and what books I'm reading. With the weekend fast approaching I hope to pick up new treasures and fabrics from several forthcoming Easter flea markets and fairs.

  Here are a few working progress snaps of my latest Jean Harlow dolls (and a few working snaps of the recently sold ones)...

Black velvet dress with vintage 30's fabric details.

A little jewel and a fur pom pom 

Hair can be quite tricky and a full head of hair usually takes between 1 and 2 hours. I really layer it on in small amounts felt and stitch, felt and stitch

Little felt bag with small yellow crystals. Vintage fabric blouse and cute hat. I have made this hat from an old 1950 hat which was tiny and beyond saving. I have  made and added pom pom and bead details.

Made this one a little hat and bag with the same old 50's hat. She has a dress made from pretty 1940 cotton fabric

White crepe pants, vintage fabric blouse and little felt hat. I am also making this cute little Jean a felt bag.

  I don't tire from making Harlow dolls at all, this beautiful platinum goddess is such an endless source of inspiration and fascination that I can't see myself stopping any time soon!

A silver spun goddess!


  1. I adore the Baby and these are absolutely precious! I love them!

  2. I adore your Land Girl print. A doll with a set of clothes would be awesome.

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    2. Hi Kim,
      So thrilled to hear you are charmed by my little characters. Drop by my blog anytime. Thankyou!

  3. Goodness, just adore her!! She is a beauty!! The top one is my favourite...amazing these are :) xx